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This past week, B&B’s mission of spreading the happiness and joy of education took our team to Junyi, Guizhou (貴州遵義) in China. We had the amazing opportunity to share our programs and passion with 35 students and teachers of No.3 Primary School of Zheng An. 

Zheng An (正安) is a small town located 300km away from the capital of Guizhou province, with a population of 390,000 people. The local students in this Southwest province of China were full of positive energy, creativity, and remained extremely engaged throughout the week! Having the opportunity to experience the attitude and enthusiasm of these students through our mission is always an amazing experience, and we hope to continue our efforts with the students and teachers of Guizhou and beyond! 

If you share this long-range vision with us, join us to bring the Books & Beyond initiative to more cities abroad.

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